Last week Belgium has enjoyed an almost heatwave: temperatures reaching nearly 30C each day. I love it. I love it , I love it , I love it. Did I tell you already that I love summers? Most of my reasoning can be found here. Last week was simply one as I'd want every week to be!

Last weekend we visited family and then drove off to The Hague to hang out with our friends there as we often do at the end of June. A nice weekend of hanging out in the garden, BBQ, birthday cakes, more friends coming over, playing with the kids, dinner at the beach, .... Great!

Last week we had all our dinners outside, had bbq's , spent an entire evening drinking bubbles in the garden of friends who live in the neighbourhood and invited us to come over to pick up some of their abundant harvest of sour cherries. Great!

Yesterday evening we went downtown for the first edition of Beleuvenissen this year. The theme yesterday was Jazz. Not entirely my favourite style of music. Nevertheless I truly enjoyed strolling through the hot city , watching all the full terrasses, the crowds walking around slurping melting ice-creams and stopping in front of the different stages on the downtown squares with live music. Everyone comes outside and here and there you stop briefly because you meet people you know.

Today we went to a BBQ from a group of Jan's study friends and their families. Aaaah summer life is tough :). Can't this last forever? I love it!!!!!!


Lilacspecs said…
I'm so excited that I have the start of a tan!
We're having similar weather and events. I, too, just love the summertime!
Betsy said…
Oh man! I just love this weather too!!! Can't get enough of it!
anno said…
Summer... never lasts long enough.

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