And we're all starting again

Yesterday school started again in Belgium. 1 million kids went back to the class, 150000 teachers packed their books and thousands of mommies and daddies were just as nervous. The blogs on the internet is now full of first day at school pictures .

And since we're all out of vacation now, all the traffic jams are back....hurray...NOT.

And the choir rehearsals have started again with about 15 new members in choir!!! yeay.

And tomorrow yoga classes starts again....

And next weekend diving club swim training starts again....

And at work we're kicking off new projects after a relatively calm period....

Do you understand why I claim New Year's eve is truly at the end of June and New Year in September???? Nothing stops and starts in January! No it's June/September that matter.

And the weather gods decided it was time to mark clearly that the summer vacation was over with a full day of rain yesterday followed by chilly weather now that makes my toes chilly in my sandals. Argh. (has anyone noticed I did not complain about the weather all summer???? that's because our summer was great! sunny but not excessive, dry but not excessive, ...!)

And then there's people that start claiming fall is coming.
Pfffffffff why do summers need to end? Why don't I live in a tropical country?


anno said…
It does feel like a new year, and I am looking forward to it, even if I'm as well prepared as I'd like to be... Sounds like you have a wonderful year ahead of yoU!
Lilacspecs said…
Yeah, it was really odd how it started raining on September 1st and hasn't stopped since!
I'm feeling swamped, as I do every September - ah, the teacher's life! And yes, I stand by my claims, even if the temps have risen to 77 f. ;-)
Goofball said…
@anno: all fun activities yes....just so hard to combine them all in one week.

@lilacspecs: damn it's getting COLD. I don't want to wear a sweater and closed shoes.

@jen: oh trust me, I'm feeling very swamped. Not sure if you can notice, but this post isn't exactly having a positive vibe to me.
Yet I do want to do all that stuff. Pfff help, when?

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