September googlies award

Brillig is organizing her monthly Googlie Awards again, so I dove into my blog statistics and checked out which crazy search words made you all land on my blog pages.
Wow you sure were all planning weddings. So yes you can have 2 wedding ceremonies on one day, what to say in each of them is entirely of your choice and in some countries you cannot take your husband's name. Click on the label "wedding" if you want to read it all over again :)

Oh and Leuven kermis is ongoing again and if you don't know what kermis is, just google it and you'll find my 2 year old explanation as well.

So which search words made me giggle?

* what if the garbage bags not picked kortrijk:
oh gosh....let's not get into that. I sure know that I'd not want to be in Kortrijk if the garbage bags do not get picked. Don't worry, garbage rounds in Leuven are still pretty stable so I suggest you come to check out this pretty city!

* i dont like the seasons:
oh that's sad....I know I hate the changing between summer and fall and have been pretty explicit about it but all seasons? I suggest you lock yourself up in a dark seasons there.

* you looked so beautiful at the wedding:
Thank you sweeties :)

* you not a goofball anymore:
oh yes I am , trust me. Sometimes I'm just incognito.

* tall people party scheveningen:
Let me tell you this: if you are not Dutch you can consider any Dutch party a "tall people" party :p. But shorties are always welcome.

* confused answering machine:
Oops, don't you hate it when the machines get confused :)

* vampire flies:
one advice: Get forrest run!

What are your funniest search words??


anno said…
So glad to hear you're still a goofball! (and let's hope you always so.)

Nothing anywhere nearly so interesting to report from my end: I took my blog off the search engines years ago.
Brian Miller said…
haha. those are amazing. wear a garlic necklace it will cure you of those vampires.
Luisa Perkins said…
Those are good ones! I finally had some worth sending to Brillig--we'll all get a good laugh, I'm sure.

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