The summer of 2009 in music: Diggy Dex ft. Eva de Roovere: Slaap lekker

The exceptionally mild & sunny September is now in the past and all last traces of summer are gone. Fortunately there's still good music to listen to in order to relive that summer feeling.
This song always made me turn up the radio each time. It's such a beautiful mixture of the soft warm delicate voice from Eva De Roovere and the energetic mix of DJ Diggy Dex. A fun contrast between the Flemish accent and Dutch one, the folky pop song and the rap.
(background: Eva De Roovere is a well known flemish singer-song writer with a folk background known for her pure simple songs. Yet she doesn't frequent the hitparade. The song "Fantastig toch" was written while watching her sleeping boyfriend. It got picked up by the Dutch DJ last year and became a hit in the early summer in the Netherlands and Belgium afterwards).


Allie said…
Ooohhh ... it's catchy! I like it!
Betsy said…
Aha! Finally someone I can ask about this! We've heard this song about a thousand times lately and still can't figure out what she's saying: Slaaaaahaaaaap lekker ding want gij..... mmmmmm hmmmmm hmmmm" and what the heck is "fantastig"?! He's easy to understand, but M says "Zij klinkt alsof ze expres moeilijk doet." ;-)

(I like the song though...)
Goofball said…

Slaap lekker ding want jij is lastig,
Nog meer jij is fantastig toch…

It should be "jij bent lastig" but she makes a dialect wrong conjugation.
And fantastig would be a self-made concatenation of fantastisch lastig.

the original song is quite poetic with images and play of words. You can find it here:

Totally hilarious that you think he's easy to understand! I had no clue what he was singing without googling for the lyrics!!!!! :) He mumbles it so fast, I only hear bits and pieces that did not make sense.
Brian Miller said…
its got a great catchy beat. if the visuals are any indication, i'd love to hear a translation!
Goofball said…

it's a basic love story: boy meets girl at a party and then he sms's her good night

(her part is a good night wish)

then they continue to sms each other all the time and date and later on he can wish her goodnight in person

and in the end after so many months he can still wish her goodnight each night in person


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