Made in Belgium: Axelle Red

Today I want to serve you all with one of the finest Belgian artists as a Christmas present. If you don't know Axelle Red yet, please take the time to discover her. I promise, you won't regret!

The petite red headed Flemish singer scored with her first single (1) "Sensualité" a sensational hit in Belgium & France (and Canada?) in '93. From that moment she was on a roll for top hits that are still standing after 15 years. In '96 her reputation had grown so much already that she could record her second album in Memphis in cooperation with some legendary soul artists. In 1998 she sang with Youssou N’Dour the official hymn of the World Cup Soccer in Paris and soon after she won some of the most prestigious art prices in France.
Since 1997 she is an ambassador for UNICEF and she makes extensive travels through conflict zones in the world.

At university I confused studying my French course with studying the lyrics of "Rien que d'y penser" by heart and playing that over and over again. From then she has never stopped touching me with her music:
* her warm cosy relaxing songs such as "Ce matin" which is the best reflection of a cosy lazy morning song or songs to her daughters eg "Gloria"
* her songs that reflect aspects of life so accurately eg "on a besoin du temps" about the busy lives of everybody and the need to invest time for each other in a relationship or "Je me fâche" when I need to vent out :)
* her intense love songs such as "Parce que c'est toi" (see below) which will always keep giving me chills down my spine.
* her engagement & attention for refugees, conflict zones, our society... in songs such as "Manhattan-Kaboul" (see below) or "Ma Prière"

Enjoy Axelle Red :)

Parce que c'est toi - 1999

A qoui ça sert - 1997

Manhattan - Kaboul - 2002 (in the aftermath of 9/11)
see here

On a besoin de temps - 2007

Living in a suitcase - 2009


Mike said…
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas

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rozebril said…
Die "Temps pour nous" vind ik de beste. Ook wel toepasselijk voor ons, met momenten.

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