Made in Belgium: Hooverphonic

Made in Belgium brings you this week the top group Hooverphonic. I bought their album "The Magnificent Tree" in 2000 and remember playing it a lot. Especially "Mad about you" & "Vinigar & Salt" kept dragging you along and along.

Hooverphonic has remained succesfull but I don't thing they've matched 'The Magnificent Tree' anymore. Last year the singer Geike has announced to leave the band for a solo career and currently the well known musical force behind Hooverphonic Alex Callier is organising a competition to find a new lead singer. So if you feel inspired....take your chance!

'Mad about you - 2000'

"The world is mine - 2002"

Vinigar & Salt


rozebril said…
Zalige muziek! Merci... ik heb de cd ook, maar hij wat onder het stof verzeild geraakt.
Lilacspecs said…
We saw them live in Gent last year. Not too bad, thoguh yeah, I think they peaked with The MAgnificent Tree though.
They're cool, but... I guess these are the older cuts.
Betsy said…
Man! Nog een treffer! Ik hou van "Mad about you"! Denk dat wij het hier ergens hebben-- ga het meteen opzoeken.

Leuk idee van jou om alle Belgische hits te posten, trouwens! Ik heb heel veel mooie herinneringen van onze tijd in Vlaanderen-- voelde me echt lekker in mijn vel daar!

Maaaaaahhaaaaaaad about youuuuuuuuu! Super, bedankt!
Brian Miller said…
very cool...thanks for sharing these...i was not familiar before...
FXOX said…
Dear E, I'll check them out

my latest find is mumford & sons

bluegrass sound - love it:-)

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