Normandy themes: part I

My friend and I both had the luxury to have some vacation days left at the end of the year and we were both nostalgic to the vacations we used to spend together years ago. And off we were for a few days to Normandy on a road trip.

Here's our weekend captured in a few themes:

I) Sea, cliffs, harbours

II) The best food:

Camembert, Livarot, Pont l'Eveque, Oysters and more Oysters, Mussels, Other shellfish, fresh scallops, fresh fish, Calvados, Pommeau, cider, galettes, ..........

III) D-day, the allied landing at 4/6/44

American cimetary at Omaha


Lilacspecs said…
Looks like an interesting trip in many regards.
rozebril said…
Zalig, zo van die kleine reisjes tussendoor!
Poetikat said…
I love oysters!!!
That's something I envy about you, who live in Europe; there are just so many cultural and historic places so close to hand. I should have been born there.

You're so lucky to have the time to get away to these places. Thanks for sharing your great photos Goofball.
Brian Miller said…
beautiful pics again...and i am down with the food!
anno said…
I love those pictures of the bridge spans and the rainbow -- stunning photography!

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