* My legs & feet have been tired the last days. I wonder if I truly walk around so much more now that I work less in these vacation days? I haven't noticed before in vacation.

It's annoying to go to bed with heavy legs... any remedies?

* 1 kg red pumkin, 1 red bell pepper, 1 onion, 2 l chicken stock and 2 forks of Tesco's Balti curry makes very good soup!

*I love living in a city. I can do some Christmas shopping by foot, in one or more episodes if needed. All stores are nearby and if it gets too crowded or the feet hurt, I simply go home and try again another time when I find a spare moment. No more need of an organised city trip in which all had to be accomplished at that very moment.

* I pity VTM (commercial tv channel) news anchors and actors etc that seem to have a contractual obligation to "appear" on one of the VTM christmas parade floats.

Despite my happy escape from downtown when I saw the crowds lining up along the main shopping road (only there really, it was as busy as I would have expected) and the VTM flags waving and the Coca Cola promotion girls distributing in their little red Christmas outfits, I think the parade looked nice judging from these pictures.

But I didn't stay. After all we had already coincidently seen all the floats lining up outside their depot in the nearby business park when passing by. We had been joking about the funny trucks, huge Santa's, presents, clocks, etc being pulled outside wondering whether this company known for decor building would have prepared some kind of parade or so. ....euh yes, clearly yes they didn't have to go very far that day, I realized that when I little later I recognized the same floats lined up on the Ladeuze square downtown :p.

* The Christmas lights in Leuven are really beautiful this year

* Did a lot of chores the last couple of days and that gives a great feeling of accomplishment. Guess what: people will actually receive my Christmas/New Year's cards before the end of the year. Yeay.

* I am so out of a reading routine. After I finished my last book in November I haven't really got started in a new one....that's quite unusual for me. I can't say that the one I started (Knots & crosses - Ian Rankin) is not good, but clearly it doesn't motivate me to pick it up again. Maybe I should toss it aside for that reason? Problem is that I haven't made it to the library yet when it was open (been there for closed doors twice...I'll try to remember now that Mondays is a closing date).


Lilacspecs said…
Try putting your feet up in the evenings?

And yes, living in Gent is similar. It's much easier to get things done, especially last minute.

I was surprised at first how often I saw the same hosts and hostesses on television doing many different programs and game shows. That almost never happens in the US.

We were in Leuven last Christmas time and you're right, it's a beautiful city, especially for the holidays. Especially with Gent centrum all torn up this year.

We bought a few books for me in English at the boekenfestijn this month and I4ve been very well behaved in not reading over my vacation. I'm saving it for the train rides to Brussels.

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