New year's letters

At the beginning of the new year, Belgian children traditionally visit their godparents, grandparents, ... and read their "New Year's letter" with their new year's wishes in rhyme which they have studied (& written) at school.

This afternoon Stef 'read' his letter to my mother.

Exchange of gifts between god mother & god child

Young enthousiasm

A Dolly Parton look-alike

A popular silly uncle who is always willing to play, blow balloons, make faces or act as a chair.


Brian Miller said…
lol. what fun pics! dolly parton and a monkey on your shoulder. smiles.
Soooo sweet, Goofball! I just love pics of Stef!
Haley-O said…
Awww! Stef is ADORABLE! :) Happy New Year to you and your fam!
Virtualsprite said…
This is so adorable and sweet!

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