Made in Belgium: Ghinzu

When I started this series, I immediately had a long list of Belgian artists in my mind to publish. There's really a high number of good artists out here so inspiration is really no problem. But soon I realised I was mainly going to publish Flemish artists. And I was thinking if I knew any Wallonian succesful music groups but I couldn't come up with any. Yeah , this is Belgium after all where the 2 cultural groups live next to each other without much overlap or connections. (see here).

But this is "Made in Belgium" , not Made in I asked a frenchspeaking friend to give me some inspiration. And he tipped Ghinzu to me.

Well Ghinzu isn't completely unknown in Flanders, since they played on Rock Werchter last year and they've even concerted already in the Depot in Leuven last November. But it's only since their latest album that they've had some airplay and attention in the Flemish media whereas they've been immensely popular in Wallonia, France, Switzerland etc for many years now. In 2005 they have sold-out the Olympia in Paris already.

So I guess it's about time I get to know them and I let you all discover them along with me.

Blow - 2004

Do you read me - 2004

High Voltage Queen -

Cold Love - 2009


rozebril said…
Ik ken ook bijna geen Waalse muziek, en dat als leerkracht Frans... shame on me!

Dit kende ik ook nog niet, niet slecht eigenlijk, zo op 't eerste zicht (of eerder op 't eerste gehoor)
Poetikat said…
Hi Goofball! I thought you were talking about the knives! (I have a set.)
I'm busy working on putting a book of poetry together, so I've taken myself off everyone's "Followers" widget. Don't take it personally.
I'll still visit you.


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