A 'spring' walk on the top of Belgium

What to do if you wake up on the first day of spring to look out at a heavy grey sky loaded with rain clouds? Since dry spells were predicted coming from the west....we headed to the east.

And we stopped at the Signal de Botrange, Belgium's highest point (694m) where we made a small hike along the Nature park of the High Fens. Much to our surprise (or naivity...it's not the first time anymore that we notice the temperatures are considerably lower up there. We should have known.) there was still snow and icy patches on the trails. The first signs of spring weren't very strong yet and in the foggy rain we seemed to be the sole walkers on the trails. Magnificent atmosphere!

On top of Belgium...on a 6 meter high monument reaching the full 700 meters

Warming up and discovering a local beer "Reinhardstein" named after the nearby fortress.


zusjesenzo said…
Moedig, zo vrijwillig de sneeuw gaan opzoeken :-)
Brian Miller said…
very nice....great pics...thanks for taking us ont he walk and have one for me. smiles.
Doug Johns said…
good pics, good adventure - wish we lived in Europe so we could enjoy outings with you both
Jen said…
It sounds like a lovely day! We had very different weather/activities here. Our weather was all over the map (hey, it's Michigan, after all) and I made a traditional Tuscan dinner for my mom and my friend from college. Now I'm very, very sleepy even though it's only 6:30!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the comment, I did as you asked, and I totally get it. There can be circumstances IRL and of course personal choice and I totally respect that :) That's also why I let you know :)

cute pics by the way :)

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