Leuven in Scène: the big market and the park

The bi-annual festival "Leuven in Scène" is on again this long hot sunny Pentecoast weekend and the historic city center of Leuven has been transformed to one big stage for multiple circus & theatre acts.

Last times we had always been restricted to a short walk through the city to get some quick impressions due to other obligations in our agenda. But this year I want to enjoy this visual spectacle as much as possible.

We first headed to the Grote Markt (big market square) where the little golden angels were still watching the crowd down below on the gothic city hall in the golden light of the sunset.

Georg Traber amused himself by building huge bamboo towers up and down all afternoon.

A bit further Jan thought he had seen an angel that looked just like me. Hmm surely he must be mistaken.

After sunset we headed to the city park to enjoy some drinks at the magical fountain bar

and we watched the performance of MakadamKannibal were some poor circus artists seemed to have a relationship with the necessary ups and downs . When the poor guy hadn't noticed immediately that his lady had fallen off their old bike pulling their wagon, she simply set his back on fire. Ouch.
A few minutes later they had made up again though and let a puppet dance on a cord which was held via their noses connected to their mouth on which they pulled each other back and forth. I'm afraid I was too empathic to not feel like I was chocking when seeing that part of their weird act. Oh gross, doesn't that hurt?

At 11PM one of the slotacts was performed by "Entre terre et ciel" which brought a fire act. It was nice to watch but I wouldn't have put it on the program as a top act. She was clearly very skilled and balanced her multiple torches like some fans , dancing with them graciousy like a gipsy or using them as wings of an angel but most of the time she simply seemed to perform some slow Thai Chi movements in her circle of flames which couldn't keep us entertained for the full 45 minutes. Watching it the nearby crowd lighted up by her circle of fire did give some cosy campfire feeling though.


zusjesenzo said…
Die eerste foto's zijn echt indrukwekkend!
Brian Miller said…
this sounds and looks like an absolutely marvelous way to spend a day. glad you got to enjoy it...my mouth and nose might have hurt a bit just watching...
Ellen said…
sounds like a wonderful day!! One more thing that I miss living out here in Canada, the festivals just aren't quite the same!!

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