Made in Belgium: Tom Dice

It's Eurovision time again! Hurray for the yearly parade of kitsh & bad taste that we all claim to hate yet we all watch it so we have something to talk about the next day :).

I thought that was a good reason to post my weekly "Made in Belgium" a day early to introduce you all to Belgium's contestant: Tom Dice.

Tom Who? was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read the newspapers that the Flemish tv had selected their candidate. Seriously, I had never heard of the guy before but apparently he was in an X-factor contest. Hmm, I really don't watch any of those talent/dance/sing/mock the poor candidate formats at all. ....except for Eurovision I guess, but that's European folklore, right?

Despite the huge popularity of the bi-annual Eurovision selection shows in Flanders (Flanders & Wallonia alternate each year to send a contestant...heaven forbids we might actually send a 'national' artist right), which always peaked the tv ratings and 'discovered' a lot of new popular artists/pulp...the Flemish artists assigned after a 6-week popularity tv race have scored very very poorly over the last years. As a matter of fact, since the introduction of semi-finals in the Eurovision songcontest, we've never made it to the finals anymore I think. Televoting Flanders clearly is not televoting Europe.
So it was time for a new approach, copied from Wallonia who has been more successful over the last decades more specifically with the selection of Urban Trad, some unknown jury from the Flemish broadcasting company selected Tom Who without any tv selection shows.

"Me and my guitar" is an honest modest nice ballad stripped from all the pooha which usually surrounds the Eurovision. The modesty of the act is our gamble to stick out. I fear that we'll loose that gamble even though the song is kinda nice. Not sure if "less is more" will work in a circus like Eurovision but I'll be able to update you all on that later on this evening.

So if you like it and you live in another European country, don't hesitate to vote for Tom. It would be nice to make the finals for a change.

Update at 11 PM:

We made it! Woohoo for the first time since there's semi-finals in the Eurovision song contest, we've passed to the finals. He did stick out very much from the fairy tale Poland, the out of tune Latvia, the Greek Whoappa drumming , the Slovakian wood, the pathetic ballad from Portugal, the set of huge butterflies from Belarus, the huge dress & voice from Iceland, the falling snow for Russia , the Serbian showbizz Bart, ...

It almost looked sad how he stood there alone on stage with his guitar....but he sang well.

Damn, that means we have to watch again on Thursday to see the competition and on Saturday. Can you get ill from an overdosis Eurovision?

Hey Snookspot, let's make a deal: I'll vote for Germany if you vote for us on Saturday, ok???


Snooker said…
Hey, I like the song. Poor guy needs to get some sparkly stuff on him... maybe an Elvis-style jacket and BIG BELT if he wants to win Eurovision.

Sure Goofball, I will be happy to vote for Belgium if you vote for Germany!
Brian Miller said…
ok, since you were just watching you have to give an update...i enjoyed the song...easily relatable as well...

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