Made in Belgium: Bart Peeters

If you follow my blog for a while it is no surprise that I like Bart Peeters a lot. I've only blogged about attending a concert in Leuven last fall and previously I whined a bit for missing his concert on Marktrock in 2009. Fortunately I did see him on Beleuvenissen in 2008 and at the folkfestival at Dranouter in 2007. I'll have to look up where I can go and see him this summer to keep the flow going :).

I've known Bart Peeters on tv all my life: as tv presenter of numerous shows such as De Droomfabriek, Dag Sinterklaas, De Leukste Eeuw, Hoezo?!, Eurosong, .... At some years you couldn't turn on the tv without seeing his enthousiastic smile and energetic gestures up to the point it became rather annoying.

As a teenager I loved his music group The Radios but since he started singing solo in 2004 in Dutch however, I truly became a fan. I love his mix of folky world music and covers of well-known ballads with texts that balance between absurd trivialities, social criticism and hints of deeper philosophy. At one moment he gets a crowd of thousands jumping around while at another he gets us all quiet.

Liefde is Alles - Life in theatre in Leuven 2006

This will always give me shivers down my spine as about a year ago I danced for the first time with Jan as Mrs Goofball on this song.

"Love is everything , love is everything what remains when all the rest is lost.
Put your hand in mine until we disappear, until we become inaudible and invisible together."

Zonder Woorden ("Without words" with Hannelore Bedert 2008)
"I only breathe when you breathe
I only dream when you dream
and even if the light's out in the room
I still know what is going on in your head"

I'm into folk (Marktrock Leuven 2009)
His biggest hit dating back from The Radios. Damn damn I'm cursing again if I see these images and think that I was in the car at that moment and missed this awesome concert at 2kms from our house.

"My friends are into hip hop but I'm into folk"

AAA anthem - remix with Regi

More clips here here and here


zusjesenzo said…
zo'n schone openingsdans :-)!
Brian Miller said…
thanks for the warm wishes today...feeling a might better...nice, enjoyed these as you soon!
jokemijn said…
:) ik deel je liefde, en was wel op marktrock dat jaar, ergens vooraan. Alle andere concerten heb ik dan weer wel gemist.

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