She did it again

Jodi Picoult had me hooked on one of her books again. This time it was "Vanishing acts" that kept me captivated for the previous weeks.

The story about a woman finding out that her dad kidnapped her as a little child reminded me of the TV movie " the face on the milk carton". I've seen that years ago and I remember that it made a big impression on me as I sympathized with all characters: the biological parents searching for their child, the parents raising the kid in good faith (not knowing their daughter had kidnapped the child and then left it behind with them), the daughter being torn between 2 worlds, etc....

Jodi Picoult also has an excellent way of putting us in the shoes of each main character as she always alternates the narrator in each chapter. As a result you get a lot more nuances and you get more emotionally linked to the story


Jenn said…
I agree it is a great book! She is such a good writer.

Brian Miller said…
oh i love all of jodi picoult's books...the new one is really good too!

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