Spotting it

The first people hanging out of their car windows and roof just looked like doing some crazy photo shoot of the other people running dangerously along the bike road while the rest of the traffic was racing by at 90km/h. Nutters.

The people on the other side peeking through the gates of the military airport territory viewing the runway shared with the national airport on the other side were a bit odd.

And when at the next open spot more people with camera's were looking towards the airport, I seriously wondered if the airport buildings were on fire (quick glimpse to the smoke...just planes sitting around the terminals) or whether the army's main Airbus had somehow crashed itself again in a funny way (that wouldn't have been the first time and it never caused such an interest before....nope there it was nicely parked).

When I turned off to drive behind the airport's backside as always, there were people with camera's peeking over the fence on a ladder on the roof of their car. WTF ? The rabbits on the hill shielding off the village behind it also had to share their spot with a lot of spotters.

What the hell was going on on that runway? Had Air Force One landed and was Obama doing a little crazy dance around it?

Just before the air control buildings there's an opening again and it was no longer a surprise that here too people had gathered with large cameras. My curiosity was big enough to slow down a bit and look right as well.

And then I saw it too.
Nothing that extremely special but all those others made me feel to have witnessed a historic airport moment after all.


Brian Miller said…
ok, i am missing something...what was it?
jokemijn said…
oh verdorie... wat was het? ik ben nieuwsloos maar blijkbaar toch nieuwsgierig genoeg om er een beetje om te geven.
Goofball said…

Lufthansa was doing a test flight with the Airbus A380, the world's biggest passenger aircraft. Only 30 are in use so far and it was the first time (and the only time for the next years) that the huge plane had landed in Brussels.
Virtualsprite said…
Wow... there is something interesting about it. I proboably would have stopped to look, too.

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