Made in Belgium: Ialma

On Friday evening it's Beleuvenissen folk again but I have other plans so I'll miss it. Argh, why is there so much fun stuff going on in the Belgian summers so that you always miss out so much?

Anyway, to compensate my lack of folk injection this Friday I dedicate my post to a group that I've previously seen on Beleuvenissen as guests of Urban Trad.
These 5 Spanish girls from Brussels bring the folk sound from Galicia with a lot of a-capella singing accompanied by tambourine, bagpipes (although not often), flute, accordeon, etc... I really enjoy the Galician sound. It's like a sunny celtic sound. Sometimes a bit repetitive and monotonous yet it doesn't bore me as it's always energetic and full of passion and I like the harmony of the different voices.

Ialma started off after having recorded a lot of local sounds in their birth region but they have evolved to more world music and they are not too shy to bring some covers of famous songs such as "Under the bridge" from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their last CD.

Valse de touton - 2010

Muineira de touton - 2010

Walk like an Egyptian

LĂ©vame Live - Under the bridge


Virtualsprite said…
Very cool. I like their version of "Under the Bridge" better than the original.
Brian Miller said…
that first ones got a pretty fun beat to it...

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