Made in Belgium: The Scabs

At the end of the 80ies my sister was an exchange student abroad which meant that I got access to her cassette player and her vast collection of > 100 cassette tapes .  Ha cassette tapes, those were the days :D, I can hardly remember what they look like anymore.
One of my discoveries was The Scabs.  Aaah good portions of classic rock made in Belgium. Awesome.  The members changed now and then ( Willy Willy came eg from Vaya Con Dios, Berre Bergen went to De Kreuners (swoon swoon) , Tjenne Berghmans came from Clouseau). And their hits kept coming until 1996.

Afterwards they seemed to be part of the Belgian rock archives, good old memories but no more.  But somehow they got inspired in 2007 to organize some reunion concerts and the last summers we've been lucky to see them on stage again now on then.   Remember this post?  Well the last youtube down below shows footage of that concert so try to spot me in the crowd!! I'm waving :p.  Last summer we saw them at Suikerrock and they are still rocking. 

Keep going Guy !

Hard times -

Robbin' the liquor store

Hard times

she's jiving -

Nothing on my radio (live)


FXOX said…
Hey Miss E, tell me Im right this time:-)

Happy birthday!!
love fXOXO
zusjesenzo said…
The Scabs zijn nog altijd even geweldig! En de Guy, ik vind het nog altijd een knappe vent!
Betsy said…
Wow, leuk! Ik ken ze niet, maar hun muziek spreekt me echt aan! (Vooral Hard Times!) Bedankt!
Brian Miller said…
ha. nice album covers as well...nice...i realy enjoyed the first one...rather classic rock...

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