Mushroom weekend!

As announced, it was mushroom weekend in the east of Belgium so we had to check it out. The centre de Botrange was crowded with people sampling the local gastronomy, were watching some demonstrations on cooking with mushrooms or that were gazing at the long table with hundreds of baskets with labelled fungi.
Haaa, I love opportunities to learn so I quickly started studying the different stems and caps while trying to memorize some of the names in order to walk out as a full mushroom expert.   Well ok, I lasted for about 10 of them and then had to acknowledge while staring at the long tables that it was rather hopeless.  I couldn't even point out with certainty the "gnome city" from our garden and name it. 

We escaped the overcrowded hall with a few packages of delicious local in beer ripened cheeses, which we wisely placed in the warm car to perfume there,  after which we headed for a walk.  

Fagne Wallonne

Gehlen Kreuz

A family Fly Agaric / Vliegenzwam

Coral Fungus
(one of the only ones I did remember from the center....I loved it and thought this bright color had to be rare...until we saw them everywhere in the woods!)


Betsy said…
Those vliegenzwammen are so pretty they don't even look like they could be real!

Did you see any kabouters while you were out?
Goofball said…
@Betsy: of course there were kabouters...but they were shy and I promised not to post any pictures of them ;)
Brian Miller said…
oh wow...those mushrooms are so cool!
Virtualsprite said…
Awesome mushrooms! The deer ate all of ours.

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