Made in Belgium: Triggerfinger

A group that has only recently come on my radar is Triggerfinger.  I don't know a lot of them yet although they've been around for a while.   They have a super live reputation and it's quite noticable when surfing on youtube as almost all clips you can find are live concerts. Just recently they had a concert in the AB in Brussels which has gotten very very good reviews.

As it is - October 2010

New sensation - with Selah Sue - oct 2009

Short term memory love

First tast - 2008


Betsy said…
WOW! "Begging you for Mercy" het tweede liedje op dat klip van de Wereld Draait Door was FANTASTISCH! Echt heel tof! Heb nooit van Triggerfinger gehoord, maar ga ze zeker opzoeken. (En ook Selah Sue, want haar stem is machtig!) Bedankt! :-)
Betsy said…
I just downloaded Selah Sue's Raggamuffin EP! Can't get enough of her voice! Thanks so much for introducing me to her! :-)

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