Made in Belgium: Buurman

The first time I became aware of Buurman (='Neighbour')  was at Beleuvenissen Vlaams, the summer festival in Leuven in 2009.  I remember being quite relecant about the night's theme as I am not exactly a big fan of the traditional Flemish music, finding it usually cheap & stereotype.   But there's always room for some authentic folky, melancholic, honest non-commercial music like Eva or Bart bring.   And it turned out that the concert of Buurman falls in that category. It was a little discovery to me that evening and I was aware I should not forget their name but trusted that I'd come across this talented band soon enough.

Sure enough their name pop's up ever more often on festival billboards and their new album has been nominated for a music industry award.   I trust they'll become one of the leading dutchspeaking groups in the sector in no time if they keep going like this.  When searching for some video's to post on here, I often got goosebumps  so have a seat and enjoy the great music (and touching lyrics if you are Dutchspeaking)

Pruimelaar (plum tree)- 2009

Pas 18 (just 18)

God, ik en Marjon

Mount Everest


Brian Miller said…
kinda got an odd singing voice...but the music was enjoyable...

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