New desks

It was in the newspapers here last summer: our company HQ would move to another city.   The news had come to us as quite a surprise since after 7 years of hoping for a more modern , bright building with less frequent leaks happening,  we were not expecting a change soon anymore.

For the last couple of months I've been driving by our brand new building along the highway, peeking anxiously at the progress inside, checking of contractors were running around and if there was any sight of our new furniture arriving yet. 

And then last weeks there was all of a sudden a buzz in the old office with big containers getting filled with old paper and old project documentation being checked for their future relevancy to judge what had to stay or not. Last Monday, due to a business trip to Amsterdam this week, I already packed up my boxes and left my desk & cabinet empty & clean. Weird to see it like that.

On Friday I  went to the office nervously.   Nervous to walk by the "chalet" for the last time which has been my office for a while but which turns each summer in a day-care, looking at the horse which seemed confused by all the moving vans parked around the building and thinking that I'd never walk by a horse-smith on the parking lot anymore at work.   But smiling at the thought that we'd finally be located in a beautiful modern building without continuous leaks and looking forward to driving to the new location in the afternoon where I'd spend most of the afternoon with my IT colleagues on my knees under the new desks plugging the moved computers in and of course go check out my own new desk and my own spot.

But also nervous & excited that I could finally break the news that this wasn't going to be my only new desk. That I'd spend on average 3 days a week in Amsterdam as of March 1st in a new function that I had been offered to work for the West-European region. 


Korie said…
Oh congrats on your promotion then! I love Amsterdam.
Brian Miller said…
woohoo so you took it...that is awesome! congrats!

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