4 seasons in a day ...well or at least 2 in a weekend

We expect a beautiful weekend. Last weekend was great too and the entire week I had a half-finished post sitting here but could only find the time now to finish & post it :)

While I still read on FB so many statusses about fresh snow on the other side of the Atlantic, we enjoyed a first true warm day and we, Belgians, all got on the street collectively in T-shirt & short :).  While Jan and his dad finished off the flooring & ceiling of our new garden cabinet I went to choir rehearsal.  From there we went to enjoy the sunshine with friends at a late brunch. It was so lovely to hang out in good company while breathing in the sun as much as we could although we actually had to seek out some shade after a while.  This was no spring, this was summer! And I loved it.

Xbox games

Seven-league boots??

It was hard to believe on Saturday that the temps would drop overnight by more than 10C resulting in a grey & cold (and wet?) Sunday.  Yet indeed the sky wasn't very enticing when we got up. Soon it started drizzling and it didn't stop until late in the afternoon. A true fall day,  a perfect day to hang out in the sofa and watch the Belgian major cycling race on tv.  By the start of the evening I was so lazy & sleepy from not doing anything so it was time for a walk anyway.  And it was great out in the woods :)

Wild daffodils

The fact that the daffodils were out again , reminded me that we've made the exact same walk a year ago :p
Reinhardstein castle


Brian Miller said…
yesterday here it was 80, today 60s and breezy...we are in a silly season of wether with 30-40 degree swings...in Colorado the other day it was 80 in the morning and snowed that night...crazy...

todays poem was about american politics and the shut down of our govt...funny i thought of you are i wrote it and your country going with out a govt for so long...

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