Made in Belgium: Jo Lemaire

Jo Lemaire started her music career in the 70ies experimenting with different music styles over the decades. She broke through in 1981 with a huge hit "Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais " (I came to tell you that I'm leaving) , a cover from Serge Gainsbourg.   After so many years it still gives me chills.

In more recent years Jo has been experimenting with French chanson and especially her Edith Piaff impressions are stunning. I've seen her live at Night of the Proms in 1997 and her voice is quite impressive!   Lately she performs in more intimate theatre shows as far as I can tell from her website and she's still quite popular in France as well. In Flanders we seem to have forgotten her a bit.

Je suis venue te dire que je m'en vais - 1981

Mon b√Ęteau

La nuit te ressemble

Rien de rien - Night of the Proms 1997


Can't even pretend I understand the words
As to me it comes off in the language of the birds
But very nice write up you did
And you really lifted the lid
As of course never heard this before
So glad I took the tour
Brian Miller said…
interesting how she has stylistically changed over the years...the 80s song is def 80s...while teh later stuff has a much different texture...

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