The spontaneity of a flashmob

It seemed like a standard sunny Saturday afternoon in Leuven

But look well...
Notice a camera just in front of the building on the right and one camera man on the left?

 And a way more visible camera and stage

 And big groups of colorful people in the background

I hang around because I knew what was about to happen.  Something that had long been announced in multiple FB statusses,   references to meetings, rehearsals, more meetings, agreements with city & police, logistic arrangements, FB event invitations. 

And yes, there they came ....once....twice .... until they had rehearsed enough and the real runs could take place ;). Ha, if you ever thought a flashmob was something sponteneous think again.

(sorry for the horrible sound of my mobile phone recording)

(the real thing, with professional camera's)

And this way the catholic youth in Flanders wants to attract the attention to the World Youth Day's that will take place in Madrid this summer. Since I've attended the World Youth Day's in Rome and in Cologne , I could only watch their enthusiasm with a lot of joy and I wish them unforgettable encounters in Spain!


Brian Miller said…
nice...flash mobs are awesome! i have a friend who organizes them occassionally around our town...
Shan said…
Very cool.

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