A beautiful tourist trap

I was suspicious beforehand that the Niagara Falls would probably be a tourist trap, but on the other hand, it's something you've gotta see once in your life right? If you are in the area, you just must go by and see this water mass plunge down in these impressive falls.

Pretty pitoresque is the little village "Niagara on the falls" with the interesting historic fort George that can be visited

A cute baby fox was venturing out mama's next into fort George's premises

When we reached the falls, which could be seen from far by the skyline of casino's and disgusting towers that rise up on both the American & Canadian side of the falls, the sun broke through the fog and gave us the spectacular view on the falls.   Even though all the amusement parks closeby the falls made me wonder if we landed in las vegas instead of a nature wonder,  the governments did ensure that the sides of the falls are free of commercial nonsense and are still aligned with green parkways to stroll along or to pick-nic. Pheww.

And so I managed myself a nice big sunburn while enjoying the Niagara's mist :p

American Niagara Falls

Canadian Niagara Falls

Both American & Canadian falls seen from Canadian side

Canadian Niagara 'horseshoe' falls


Shan said…
Gah... you're making me nervous sitting on the top rail like that. Get down! Love going to falls, never get tired of it.
yab said…
Ja, spijtig van dat pretpark dat ze errond gebouwd hebben, he? Heb je ook een tripje met de Maiden of the Mist gemaakt? En het je het stuk stroomafwaarts verkend, met de stroomversnellingen? Daar was het niet zo verschrikkelijk druk.
Goofball said…
@yab: nee we zijn niet op de Maiden of the Mist geweest. Alles wat er wat commercieel uitzag vermeden als de pest. De stroomversnellingen hebben we wel gezien in het oprijden.
Brian Miller said…
so very cool...glad you had a good time and that little fox is so cute!!!

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