Belgians do not have yard sales or garage sales.  But some neighbourhoods organise yearly flee markets and they become a great social event for the area with big tents for village BBQ's, brass bands walking through the streets.  Very enjoyable to walk through but I really wonder who on earth would ever buy all that junk.  Given our love for modern interior stripped from unnecessary decorative objects that gather dust,  my stomach cringed at the sight of some of those little sculptures, old tools, grandma's plates & vases, ... and I wonder if we've not spoilt our children too much already to accept old 2nd hand board games.  But as long as I can just stroll by and stare at the old army objects, old merchandising plates and then return to an uncluttered house, it is all good :)


Brian Miller said…
nice..we have a fairly large flea market in our town...most people go there to sell as it does much better than yard sales...happy sunday

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