Made in Belgium: 2 Belgen

Time for some nostalgia from my childhood...some fantastic 80ies new wave music (from the same era as Nacht und Nebel)  that still make me dance and turn up the volume. These hits never become old and serve excellently as sing-alongs in the car with all the little voices to be imitated :D

The group names conveniently "2 Belgians" , as if they knew about my future series on this blog :p.  There were 4 bandmembers though, but started out with 2.


Operation coup de poing

Trop petit (hmm something I've never heard before, but seems a hilarious recording which mixes 'operation coup de poing' with "il est trop petit" which I don't find on youtube)

Fever (with which they won Humo's rock rally at the start of their carreer) - 1982

In the night - from the last CD in 1987....notice how Belgian music scene is moving towards New Beat and early techno. I only discover this now, but I really love it. Great trance number for the dance floor in the middle of the night.

As an extra here's a recent Spanish adaptation of Lena by the original singer....I like the original more as it allows you more spastic arm movements, but this is amusing nevertheless


HansDeZwans said…
Zalige nummers van onze tijd.

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