Made in Belgium: Hannelore Bedert

In 2007 Hannelore graduated from the well-known arts colleage "Studio Herman Teirlinck" in Antwerp and participated at the Nekka contest (contest for songs in Dutch) where she won.  Immediately she could count the big Flemish artists Bart Peeters and Raymond Van 't Groenewoud to her fan base, who claims she was THE revelation.  AT the yearly Nekka Night concert, she brought a duet with Bart Peeters that simply brings shivers to my spine.  Raymond can be heard as a backing vocal on her debut album in 2008. Talk about a great honor. She was immediately nominated in 2009 for a music industry award  and her latest album again got raving reviews.

So enjoy even if you don't understand the's worthwile to listen (and ingore the introductions at the start of some of the movies).  Just listen to the voice. I especially recommend the duets!

Met uw ogen toe (with your eyes closed)

Altijd nooit meer (always never again)

Ontdooi me (duet with Bart Peeters) (defrost me)

Zonder woorden (duet with Bart Peeters) (without words)

Ier ben ik (here I am) (her winning song from Nekka contest)


Brian Miller said…
goodness...gorgeous voice...loved these...

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