So you arrive at the office and while someone is holding the front door for you, you feel a little snap and your bare foot touches the concrete stones while your shoe decided not to follow along anymore.  A shoe that within a second has become absolutely useless. 2 little ring broken and a pair of shoes are ready for the garbage :( :( :(.   Yeaaay, always fun to make an elegant entrance limping on one shoe.

Turns out that duct tape isn't part of our standard office equipment, go figure.  And Scotch tape allowed me to take exactly 2 steps before the thing fell apart again.

Not sure if my feet smell too much or if she was genuinely compassionate but at lunch I got a ride from my colleague to the nearest shoe store where I could quickly find some new brown heeled shoes to replace the other.  And as soon as I reached the first aisles in the store, walking around barefooted didn't make me stand out so much anymore :p. It was almost a pitty to put shoes back on.
Anyway, I could drive back home in a safe & legal way :)

Now I still wonder if it would be worth a try to glue the broken ring with some sort of super glue. I guess I'd never trust it anymore though and would need to pack some back-up shoes along if I'd attempt to fix them and wear them again.


Virtualsprite said…
Boo! I hate it when that happens. Normally it's a heel that breaks on my shoes, though. I've never had the strap break. The broken shoes are very cute, though. Maybe superglue would work. I do like the new shoes, though, too. :) I am a bit of a shoe-aholic though.
Brian Miller said…
at least you got new shoes right? smiles.

i do like the old ones though...
Korie said…
Heh, yeah I've realized shoes aren't really well made here. It's a shame cause I see so many cute shoes but they never last very long.

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