M-id/zomer festival at Museum M

"Feel like a concert downtown on Thursday" was the text I got from Jan in the train last Tuesday
"Euh sure, whereabout, what?"
"M-id summer festival "

Last summer I had heard about this festival at the brand new museum M without truly knowing what it was about.  Something organised by the museum to attract the attention but they had not succeeded to catch mine, although afterwards I saw some cool pictures on my blog.

"Ok, cool"

And so I headed downtown last Thursday without truly knowing what was going on , except that there was a concert by John Cale from the Velvet Underground which was popular as the night was completely sold out but clearly there was  a lot more because the doors already opened at 5 PM.

At the entrance we were handed a leaflet with a plan from the museum and got pointed out what was happening where. Many arrows on the walls were helping us as well to find either the concerts, stand-up comedy, dance,  or other performances.   Gosh, so much going on and choices needed to be made what to do.  Indeed, this 4-day festival combines the arts of the museum with big names concerting in the cosy inner courtyard,  dance performances in the exposition halls and stand-up comedy or word performances in the basement, other acts, library corners etc.... The public was more arty-farty than I am used to and we could spot several tv celebs but I enjoyed this combination of arts as well.  I love museums as they are, if I can combine them with an evening of music, dance and having a drink with friends in the garden of this gorgeous modern building....how could I not love it, despite the fact that I did not truly know John Cale's music and the dance performance by students from the famous Belgian choreagrapher Anne Therese De Keersmaker was quite abstract to me. The audio-visual portraits by Eva Mouton & Styrofoam were much more intriguing to watch and next time I'll definetely reserve more time to hear the stand-up comedy as well and explore through the museum longer.


Brian Miller said…
i guess now you know for next time eh? was surely fun getting out and about at least...

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