Made in Belgium: Rocco Granata

Just a few weeks after Adamo, I present you another Italian immigrant. Rocco's parents came from Italy shorty after WWII to work in the Belgian coal mines, just like Adamo's family did...but Rocco's family ended up in Flanders. As a young boy already he played in a little band and he composed Manuela when he was 18. No record company was interested and so he produced the song himself...and quickly added a b-side "Marina".   Marina became a world hit, was covered by over 100 artists including Louis Armstrong  and Rocco Granata could go perform at Carnegie Hall.

Personally I find his music rather outdated, even though I got to know him as a kid when Marina was remastered to a new beat hit with the help of The Confetti's
But this summer all of a sudden he got a hit together with Buscemi "Sarracino". .  And much to my own surprise I find it catchy and happy and funny.  A fun summer hit.

Rocco con Buscemi : Sarracino

Marina - 1959



Brian Miller said…
ok you got my head music to listen to! and flows so well...great beat.... home a week after 9/11

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