Made in Belgium: Will Tura

20 years ago it was Turalura on tv, a tv program honoring the carreer of 50 year old Will Tura.  Rock artists were bringing covers from him on tv, which was very interesting because it's a totally different type of music. Will Tura's carreer started in the 60ies and brings Flemish chanson but explores sometimes other styles such as gospel, country, folk and even rap once. In 2004 I was one of the members of a mega-choir of 5000 singers bringing gospels for the charity campaign 'of Damiaan' (against lepra) starring Lea Gilmore and Will Tura. I must say she has way more gospel in her than he does :p.  But over all those decades he has contributed so much to our music legacy that he has been named Knight and he sang live at the funeral of our previous king. Some songs are simply part of my childhood.

20 years ago tonight it was the first Turalura and I remember watching it silently in the sofa, not knowing what to say much at home as we had just gotten the news that day that my grandmother had passed away unexpectedly.  And so I sad there watching tv, trying to let the news sink in while my parents were mourning and had to start making practical arrangements.  Somehow I still remember exactly that it was Dec 28 and that it was Turalura and now I often link Will Tura to that event.  This year there was a 2nd Turalura event for Will Tura's 70th birthday.  I must say I like their interpretations much more than the originals which aren't quite my type of music. 

I mis je zo


Het kan niet zijn

Vlaanderen mijn land

Turalura - Hart van Goud by Arid

Turalura - Het kan niet zijn by Will Tura and Triggerfinger

Turalura - Je liegt by Daan


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