Guess when and where it started snowing?

Not yet beating the Dutch traffic jam of 800kms or the Belgian record of 948km. I am fortunately working from home but unfortunately....Jan is still trying to get from the Netherlands to home accompagnied with the snow going south :( :(

Update 1 hour later:  we are so damn competitive when it comes to monster traffic jams so a few people joined the fun...and we have a new record (still going as a matter of fact).

Update: we made it to 1250 km of traffic jam on the highways... According to gps firms on total we had 3085km.
To put it all in perspective , so the Canadians can mock us : we got about 3 to 7 cm of snow.


Brian Miller said…

we had a traffic jam that blocked the interstate for 19 hours yesterday
Shan said…
We haven't had all that much snow here this year.
Jenn said…
Ha ha, 3-7 cm. That's nothing!

(how was that for mocking =))


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