It really is that easy to hypnotise a chicken

Ever seen on tv or on youtube how to hypnotise a chicken? If not you really must search for it on youtube, it is hilarous.'s so easy to do.  I just tried last weekend.

1. Take a fairly calm chicken that is approachable (unless you want to get scratched)

2. Put it down gently, try to lay the legs backwards so it's belly rests well on the ground
3. Keep it's head low to the ground
4. Draw a line on the ground starting from it's nose further away from it.
5. Back off and watch a sleeping chicken

6. Pick up the chicken and put it back on its legs before your public starts to worry about "and now?"  and see how it wakes up and walks off


Brian Miller said…
seriously kinda creepy....wonder if they could do that to me?

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