Made in Belgium: De Nieuwe Snaar

I belief I heard about De Nieuwe Snaar the first time when I was in one of my first classes at the music academy myself.   The teacher announced that they'd have a concert in our town and she really recommened us to go.  As a kid, I wasn't too tempted to ask my parents to take us to a concert of a unknown group.

I got to know them later on, with their funny witty texts and saw them several times performing at the festival in Ghent. And geez, where these ever enteraining....De Nieuwe Snaar is a mix of funny innovative instruments (these guys make music on anything), interesting texts, circus acts on stage etc.   Damn, should have listened to my music teacher from the start.

De Nieuwe Snaar doesn't fit in one music category but they are top artists. So it's a shame that they've announced to stop their careers in 2014, launching now a huge 2-year goodbye tour :(.....must catch them somewhere fore they disappear!

Schat van de Farao


Ardennen Doo Wop

 In de hemel is geen Dylan


cowboy in eenzaamheid - Kommil Foo + De Nieuwe Snaar

Medley of a few decades of spectacular shows


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