Made in Belgium: Gard Du Nord

It's rather shamefull to admit to your colleagues in the Netherlands that you have been blogging on Belgian music for 2,5 years but you've never heard of Gard Du Nord which they all seem to know.    It sure triggered me to go surfing as soon as I returned back in my hotel room to fill that void.

Aaaaah jazz, that explains a lot. I do not do jazz.  My favourite Canadian teacher put on jazz in the class room and asked us to write down our impressions. "Whiny screaming saxophones" was the answer he got from me.  He never won me over.

So I already lost the first song I just heard from Gard Du nord. Pablo's Blues I think it wass.  It didn't win me over either. It was jazz.
Marvin and Miles is already more intriguing...Not entirely yet especially not the beginning, but if you give it a moment I it gets to you. I do but I love her voice.

Voodoo already sounds more like it. To me (and I am really illiterate when it comes to categorising music genres) this is more loungy. I picture myself with some friends and a nice glass of whine in a trendy bar, catching up.   This can win me over.

And love the flute tune in this one.

Hmm conclusion: I do feel rather ashamed not knowing them and in fact, can't throw them away just like that. They are not whiny screaming saxophones to ignore, instead they sneekily crawl under your skin. But I wouldn't listen to them each day either. How about you?


Betsy said…
LOVED Sex and Jazz. (and I'm not usually a big jazz fan either) That's one of those CD's that we played nonstop for months and that we always go back to eventually. (although the lyrics really are very sexual-- had a funny / uncomfortable moment when my parents were here and the kids were singing along at the top of their lungs and weren't getting some really raw double entendre. ;-) )

Have both of the albums they did after Sex and Jazz, but they never grabbed me the way the first one did.
zusjesenzo said…
Oh ik kende dit ook niet maar ben er wel weg van!
Brian Miller said…
it is good chill music to me...i could not listen to them all the time but in the right circumstance...

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