Leuven in Scène: Urban circus

Leuven in Scène had programmed last week one park for "urban circus", a cool city park for teenagers and others to hang out and discover the urban scene:  DJ workshops, graffitti workshops, pole climbing, breakdancing , slam poetry  and parcours. 

The latter I found most interesting to watch. I found out Leuven actually has a club specialising in parcours. I had seen on youtube films before that some kids in the city are pretty active and specialised jumping on and off buildings and obstacles...but the fact they were organised in a club and training to progress in these skills was new to me.   So these adventurous acrobats gave some demo's and spent 2 days letting other kids experience jumps on (easier) obstacles. 

Most kids only made very "guided" jumps

DJ workshop

Graffitti try-out

At the slotshow  Sunday evening , the specialists of each discipline showed off their skills to a huge enthusiastic crowd.

Breakdance battle


Brian Miller said…
how cool on the graffiti try out...went to a graffiti art show a few weeks back that had one for the kids....really cool...
Jennifer Brown said…
Super cool!


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