And then your mind goes blank for a second

This morning there was a real downpour in Amsterdam. Great, the remainders of the thunderstorm that had woken me up earlier were still hanging above us.  No way I'd be able to leave the hotel and get to the office a few blocks further without being totally soaked, even with my rainjacket on. The buienradar (rain radar app) gave me hope that it would clear up after a while. I started some telco's from the hotel room and walked indeed to the office in drier weather one hour later.

The manager I had a meeting with later on wasn't so lucky. He complained that he had become totally wet on his way to the office.
"Yes, because of roadworks, the tram took a detour and I had to walk for a block or so and I was absolutely soaked"
"I can imagine so, I didn't dare to venture outside until it got better"
"It was so bad I had to dry my pants, they're still hanging over there " ..while he waves vaguely to a chair at the table...."

[in a split second I realize that his pants are actually truly hanging on the chair. And then my mind went blank for a second while my eyes froze on the chair with the pants]

"...Fortunately I'm travelling again today so I have my suitcase here so I could change"

[My gaze unlocked and found the suitcase, then a glimpse of a grey suit under the table].

"I know, crazy depressing weather huh!"


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