Diving in Robertville

Due to medical reasons & bad weather, my local diving was reduced to a minimum in the last 3 summers. Hopefully this summer becomes better, although our busy agenda probably won't leave much room for additional activities.  But this weekend we decided to give diving in the local lake a try, together with some other friends from the dive club. 

Unfortunately the reasonable sunny weather from yesterday had transformed itself overnight again to pouring rain....not quite the type of weather that makes me excited to go diving.  The only good thing about bad weather is that the water temperature seems relatively warmer.

Oh well after 2  years walking by a dry or filled lake in Robertville, I did wonder what it'd look like down below the surface so we braved the downpour, put on our wetsuits and went under. 

First dive was quite dark & not much live to see....like a boring and quite cold night dive.   Nevertheless we convinced ourselves to do a second one on the other side, a very shallow (warmer!) short dive along the borders which resulted in crossing several pikes, schools of small perches , picking up a lost pocket of soft lead & diving mask.  Cool.


Brian Miller said…
nice...glad the second dive was better....be back to catch up in the morning...another storm and the lights/power is flickering
Snooker said…
Ah... any dive where you find lost weight... it's a good one.
Goofball said…
@snooker: To turn it around: diving is definetely not the context where you want to loose weight!

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