It is Spring, with a capital S!

It was long announced and all supermarkets stocked up BBQ materials . Finally this afternoon the sun broke through the clouds and warmed up our small country so we could all crawl out of our winter escapes, peel off jackets and sweaters, had a chat with the neighbours that we had not seen in months and venture all out in the sun in T-shirt on bikes, for walks, to the beach, .... to finish it off with one huge national BBQ each in our own garden.

WOWWWW, it felt so great.   I forgot how great the warmth of the sun can feel. More of that please, we'd love to compensate the long frozen snow winter with a glorious summer. This was a perfect start.

Partially renewed trail near the Warche

I think we we were one week early for the wild daffodils in the woods


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