Sunny weekend

Last week I didn't sleep well. For some reason I stressed over work, private to do's and all of that litteraly gave me sleepness nights  and more stress because I didn't think I could manage catching up while I felt like a zombie. And once stressed, you really can't prioritise anymore.

Fortunately I managed to relax a bit more the last evenings so caught up some sleep and this weekend I enjoyed the sun.

In the Ardennes all materials for our new garden (stairs & terrace) have arrived so the works can start this week. I can't show the pictures as I forgot the camera there.  While waiting for the last arrangements, I was reading out in the sun and managed to get myself a pretty good sunburn. Auch. Aucch.
Despite that it was a cosy evening outside with a BBQ, with the neighbour kid running off and on to say hi and rattle about friends,  games etc.  until my burnt skin was freezing and I had to flee inside.

Today I felt a bit of a shame to go the the yearly Caminhando solidarity choir concert in the middle of the afternoon but it was fun to listen to the harmony of voices again and dream away on foreign sounds.  Afterwards there was still time enough to go and have a drink on one of the filled terraces of Leuven. And I could see I'm not the only one with sunburn.

Now it's time to go to bed in time...hopefully for a good night giving energy for a new challenging but short work week.


Brian Miller said…
ah let that shame go...we need those moments of sneaking out to catch a bit of the beauty....hope you sleep better tonight...

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