A sunny mild Sunday morning in Heverlee

Finally the sun found its way to Belgium ....the temperatures were a drop of 24C to what I had been used to the week before but hey with a sweater on, this morning walk to the Sunday market was glorious. 

the Park Abbey

The nearby pond where all of a sudden a fluorescent green frog was burping its presence ...can you spot him (green dot in middle of front group of green)

There is something about markets that I love...the browsing around, the more casual and warm atmosphere versus a supermarket and usually better quality products. I just made it before all merchants started to wrap up but was able to load up fresh food to refill our empty fridge.


Brian Miller said…
hey sun is good...been hot here the last 4 days or so...even got a bit of a sun burn saturday...and i know those skateparks well...we go there often my boys & i
Jennifer Brown said…
I love markets too. I agree a nice atmosphere, feels like you are supporting a person rather then a corporation.

You asked on my blog if it was dry, it had been for beginning of may, but lots of rain lately


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