Irish wedding

2 weekends ago, with a "little detour" from my weekly commute back from Amsterdam and just before I went to Milan   (cfr travel madness)  I had the honor to attend my Irish colleague's wedding in Dublin.
I spent about 18 h in Dublin, just enough to join a good party :).   Jan was unfortunately experiencing a bit of same travel madness as me, but not compatible to my agenda, so he couldn't make it to the wedding.  But I had a fun Heineken clan to hang-out with so I was in good company.

Once again congratulations to the couple that was shining with happiness.

We also got treated to some superb Irish dancing by the junior world champion...after which the bride happily joined tapping...

...and we all joined the dancefloor.

the morning after


Brian Miller said…
ha you are starting to show a bit there...smiles..
a dance champ dancing at a wedding...interesting...ha

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