Just add grass and some plants

I announced the garden make-over a couple of weeks ago and good work has been done in the mean time.  
Our garden usage used to focus purely on the piece at the front door because the backside was a collection of bits of terrace, collapsing walls, slopes, piles of dirt and some pieces of grass in between all of that....none of that you could actually use and enjoy.   After a lot of thinking we came with the plan to make it clean and simple in just 2 levels: an upper street/terrace level and a lower level: all usable and well bordered space.   And so we got it.  And all of a sudden we have 3 times the space in the back compared to the front. yeay.

So now we just need to get grass & some plants added and we can enjoy the summer .


Brian Miller said…
ah nice...you turned that into a pretty cool area.....i like the multi levels...

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