Our hotel in Sharm

Well since I have not much else to blog about our vacation in Egypt, here's some pictures of our hotel, the Park Inn.   It's a one in a dozen like the other resorts (rooms, size, ...) we've already stayed in in Hurghada & Sharm El Sheikh but the swimming pool offer was really good as you can see. if you have kids and want to offer them an Aqua Park, this is the place to be. There is one big quiet pool at the entry, a similar sized pool with part of the day animation (aquagym, some water volleyball, diving initiations, ...),  a wave pool, 2 landing pools at slide sets and then 2 aquapark pools full of slides & child toys all surrounded by a big circular pool belt and of course a kiddies pool.

Of course there was also access to the beach across the street (shared with the Radisson Blu )

However if you love food and a nice dining experience, this wasn't the place to be.  Officially the hotel has multiple restaurants (given their big capacity you'd think this is normal) but in reality only one of the restaurants was open at a time, so you had to eat in the same overcrowded noisy & quite chaotic buffet restaurant all the time. Not relaxing at all. The food tasted ok, but the choice & variety was one of the weakest I've had so far.  So we quickly decided to go out elsewhere for most of our dinners in nearby à la carte restaurants. Unfortunately that didn't prevent my digestion to be upset most of the week, but in honesty I sort of arrived with an unsettled stomach and the heat will not have been helpfull either. Usually I'd immediately swallow some Immodium as of the slightest sign of digestion issues but wasn't allowed to do so this time, so on that point I'd not dare to blame the local chefs anything.


Brian Miller said…
wow...the waterpark looks amazing...kinda sucks on the one restaurant but you can overcome that...how cool to go to egypt though...hope the upset stomach did not last....
Jennifer Brown said…
My boys would love that pool!

But good food is really important to me too.


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