Sharm el Sheikh again...but different

Last week we were on vacation in Egypt...for the 4th time in Sharm El Sheikh already where we feel already quite at home. Yet this time was different as it was no diving vacation as we are used to.   With the little one growing in my belly, scuba diving is strictly forbidden for me and Jan also cut down his diving. He didn't even take a camera with him when he did (not to make me jealous?) so this time I won't fill coming weeks with pictures of my dear underwater friends. Nope...I can only offer you my view of the pool & hotel where I basically spent my week on a sunbed, carefully in the shade ( it was 40C!!)  , dozing off and reading.  

Trust me, I needed that rest so badly.  Despite the lovely long weekend in Geneva and a long weekend for Pentecost, I have spent most of May pretty stressed out, sleepless and at the end half sick & exhausted.  The semi-sickness continued in Egypt but if your only job is to lay on a sunbed all day, that's not a disaster .
Hopefully I've rested enough now as the coming weeks promise to be madly busy at work again. Ouch. 


Brian Miller said…
yay! i have missed some are pregnant!!!! wow!!! congrats you two...that is awesome....oy....when is the baby due? now i understand why you could take nothing for the upset stomach...that is awesome!!!!!

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