Travel madness

I had always heard that I'd be more energetic in my 2nd term (well any less than the first months in my pregnancy wasn't quite possible...I slept through winter to be honest).   On the other hand I do not want / am not allowed to fly a lot anymore in the last trimester.  So we tried to book our vacation & get-away time recently.

Our Egypt vacation, combined with a conference in Italy, a colleague's wedding in Ireland and our family trip in Geneva and my regular commuting to Amsterdam, it all got very busy in my agenda. In fact, I've been abroad 23 days out of last 28 days.  True madness!
I was so exhausted end of May that in fact these first weeks of June scared the hell out of me and I couldn't wait until now when the more empty agenda seemed like the true vacation to me.

Anyway, the lazy time in Egypt did energize me just enough to handle previous weeks as well (and to prepost some posts not to let this blog get too quiet ;) ).  It's been good & fun & I've survived and the baby is still happily stomping in my belly.  And now I still have loads of work waiting for me now both at work (still commuting to Amsterdam) and at home.   But I should get back in a more sort of routine, I hope.


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