Hectic & hot & tiring

Last weeks have been hectic & hot & tiring....hence no activity here.

But we're doing fine.

I've survived the 2 weeks of July where all IT financials get together (actual spend first half year, budget review 2013 + preliminary budget submission next 3 years), need to get analysed, reviewed, presented.  

I also survived the previous heat wave but I'm grateful that Jan bought this year a little mobile airco for our bedroom while I talked him out of it each of the previous years   :  "gosh, are we going to spend money on something that we really can only use max 5 nights a year? "  .  Hmm it's been very good use already for over 3 weeks now :D.   And currently we are waiting for the thunderstorms to come and cool down tonight on this new hottest day of the year where there is little mercy for me in the house.

From now on I can take some days off each week so I can recover from busy work days , taking some extra rests in the weekend and hopefully finding time for the many many baby related preperations we still need to do (baby announcements, baby room, arranging maternity help, pre-natal physiotherapy excercises, ...).
But most of the free time, I"m just decompressing, melting, napping  and watching my moving belly.  


Brian Miller said…
smiles...i bet it has been good for your comfort...my boys were born in september and october so t was pregnant through the summer...and i know that she appreciated it as well...smiles.

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