Celebrating the men of 63 who have seen Abraham

Last year was the first time I attended the yearly "Abraham celebration", which is one of the traditions of the "men of the year" , recognised by Unesco as cultural heritage.

This year the organisation of friends of the Men of 63 were celebrating their 50th birthday while the Men of '73 are now officially one of the active men ( both in 'bloc 3') now organizing 10 active years towards their 50th birthday and the Men of '74' are just getting founded. Lots of nice protocol & traditions, fortunately in the glorious sun and all involved committed themselves to really short speeches :p.    More time for socializing and having a drink.

the Abraham sculpture in the Leuven city parc


The celebrating men of 63

Kamerood Sestig gets his costume of the Men of '73

The Men of 72 also present

Parade through the city of all the Men with their flags

Dressing the famous "Fonske" sculpture in the suit of the Abraham year...gives you wet feet

Fonske in the suit of the men of 63


Brian Miller said…
i remember when you went to this last year...its pretty cool to me, as we have nothing like that here...

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